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World Sleep Day 2021: Importance of Right Mattress for Quality Sleep

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World Sleep Day 2021 is an annual commemoration celebrated on March 19 to acknowledge the importance of healthy sleep and a global call to prevent and manage sleep disorders.

World Sleep Day 2021: The Significance of a Right Mattress for Quality Sleep

Humans take around ten to fifteen minutes to fall asleep; however, if a person falls asleep within less than five minutes, it means that the person is probably sleep deprived. The World Sleep Day aims to lessen the burden of sleep problems prevailing in society by preventing and managing sleep disorders. Almost 88 countries partake in this global commemoration through pamphlets, brochures, school events, workshops, conferences, and securing media coverage worldwide.

While multiple factors may affect sleep quality, the wrong choice of mattress can be a significant contributor to poor sleep quality. This World Sleep Day let’s take a resolution to get quality sleep! Yes, why not? Trust us, it’s worth it! A good start to your efforts towards getting quality sleep everyday is by evaluating the mattress you are using currently.

The most common reason we choose a quality mattress is expecting a reasonably good sleep. Did you know that the right mattress helps decrease stress and anxiety levels, improves the overall quality of life, and benefits the mind and body?

The sleeping surface is equally as essential as the way sleep is for the human body. A perfect sleeping surface or the right mattress protects our back, promising a good posture when we sleep. It helps our muscles and ligaments of our back heal and relaxes while we sleep. A good sleeping surface ensures that the spine's natural curve is secured, and our hips, shoulders, and ears are aligned, even if you shift a lot while sleeping.

A National Sleep Foundation survey finds that about 92 percent of people say that a comfortable mattress is vital to a good night's sleep, but people still think it's an expensive affair. Considering the health benefits that the right mattress can offer, like helping you lose weight, keeping the natural spinal alignment and body posture in place, and improving memory, can you put a price tag on the right perfect mattress?

A Guide to Choose the Right Mattress

Has your mattress breathed its last, and is it that time of the year to go shopping for a new one? Choosing the right mattress is not a time-consuming job as long as you are armed with the correct information. The science of selecting the right mattress goes beyond just the mattress's material. It remains intertwined with lifestyle needs and sleep habits, determining which bed lends you the perfect deserving sleep. A few of the crucial points to consider while you choose the right mattress include:


A vital step before choosing the right mattress is knowing your bed measurements.  To know more about mattress dimensions, you can check out and acquire and improve your knowledge of mattress size measurement.


Firmness can be defined as how soft or firm a mattress feels or provides. Mattress firmness is directly proportional to the bedding material. It is recommended to choose the mattress material and firmness that work for you based on your current sleeping habits. Sleepwell offers a suitable mattress based on material preference. A soft mattress is best for side and light sleepers, while a medium-soft mattress is best for combination sleepers or snuggling couples. If you are a heavy back sleeper or struggling with back pain, it commendable that you purchase a medium-firm mattress. If your sleeping pose is lying down on your stomach, you should choose a firm mattress with an eight to ten on the firmness scale to offer you the needed relaxation. A significant step to consider while choosing the right mattress is the ability to reduce pressure points and support your spine easily.


To understand your mattress, it is essential that you first identify your primary lifestyle and need. It is recommended that you have prior knowledge of what kind of material will work the best for you based on your current sleeping habits. Our range of mattress variety is designed to offer a suitable and comfortable mattress based on material preference.

A person who constantly tosses and turns are recommended to purchase foam mattress as they restrict movements unconsciously leading to a good night's sleep. Memory foam is the most comfortable mattress as it is highly energy absorbent and soft. This mattress holds the ability to shapeshift and magically molds to the body in response to heat and pressure.


Top mattress manufacturers have come up with different types of mattresses that offer customers the utmost comfort and durability. A few popular types of mattresses available in the market are Orthopedic Mattress, Memory Foam Mattress, and Dual Comfort Mattress. Did you know that a mattress can last up to almost 10 years? However, it is commendable to change your mattress after the seven-year mark. However, a high-quality mattress with proper care can last up to ten years. 

The Importance and Of the Right Mattress

It is well known that enough sleep is linked to benefitting the overall health of an individual. Have you ever wondered if a mattress could hinder the chances of your peaceful slumber and health? Well, statistics have said that a mattress can significantly impact your ability to get a good night's sleep. Yet, its importance and benefits are often overlooked, leading to lethargy and fatigue.

Always ensure or make a note that your mattress supports each of your body parts equally. Else, this leads to improper spinal alignment in your lower funding chronic pain and discomfort. If you are a spring mattress lover, then there are high chances that this can cause muscle tension in your unsupported lumbar region and lead to severe pain. To prevent a crippling dislocation, you can purchase the Sleepwell mattress with memory foam layers to relieve your pressure points in the shoulders, hips, and legs and improve spinal alignment.

How Does A Hygienic and The Right Mattress Be the Key to A Quality Sleep?

Sleep hygiene is one of those electric phrases every individual keeps talking about. But often, we blindly follow a trend without knowing the 'what about the movement. Sleep Hygiene refers to a series of healthy sleep habits that can improve a person's ability to fall and stay asleep. A person who follows sound and well-constructed sleep hygiene will hold tremendous mental and physical health, as well as an improvised overall quality of life.

From waking up fresh to unwinding and going to sleep correctly, sleep hygiene plays a significant role in your overall health. Absence or lack of good night sleep can lead to long-term sleep disorders, lethargy, or sleep deprivation, making the choice of your mattress vital for your health and highly questionable.

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