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Top 10 Sleep Hacks for a Better Sleep in 2021

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Did you know that we cannot try to fall asleep? Sleep has to come naturally to us. Most of us are already familiar with that tossing and turning feeling where we lie awake on our beds, night after night, not getting the required sleep we need. Although the fault may seem to lie within us, more often than not, it is the external factors that are the main culprits of our insomnia. Our bedroom might not be sleep-ready. Our mattress might not be right. Thus, we stay awake even when the body demands sleep.

In 2021, bid farewell to all your sleep struggles. Bring home a Sleepwell Mattress infused with Neem Fresche technology to apply the following sleep hacks and get better rest. Quality sleep is crucial for good health and just changing your old mattress and a few habits can improve your sleep cycle drastically.

1. Comfort should be your first priority

Ever noticed that you are sleeping better in a hotel or at a friend’s house? The only difference might be the comfort level of your mattress. Old, firm mattresses can be uncomfortable to lie on causing lower back pain or neck aches. Sleepwell mattresses come in a varied range of firmness and you should invest in the one that feels utmost comfortable to you. Keep this as a priority and help your body to relax naturally as you hit the bed.

2. Keep your bed clean inside out

Sure, you clean your bed every day or change the sheets regularly but can you reach into the inner layers of your mattress from where germs can surface can cause diseases? Sleepwell’s Neem Fresche technology acts as your guard. The technology eliminates germs from the depths of your bed and keeps the mattress germ-free. You thus get quality and healthy sleep. No more waking up sneezing or coughing or scratching in the middle of the night.

3. Take a warm shower before hitting the sack

Just as the Neem Fresche technology provides a protective shield around your bed and gives a sense of cleanliness, a warm shower can trigger similar responses on your body. As you take the shower, you literally wash off your day and become ready to call it a night. The warm water raises your body temperature which plummets as your step out. This process helps your sleep immensely.

4. Keep things cool

Your bedroom temperature is directly related to the quality of sleep that you get. One, a hot and humid bedroom will keep your body temperature above the optimal level that is necessary for sleep. And two, hot and humid conditions complement the breeding of germs. So, keep the bedroom cool. Let the   Sleepwell Neem Fresche technology take care of the germs and you hit the bed cozy and comfy.

5. Use your bed only for sleeping

Don’t we love to lie on our beds, popcorn or fries in hand, and binge our favorite shows? Well, as comforting as the idea might seem, it is detrimental to getting quality sleep. The brain gets confused regarding what the bed is for, sleeping or watching the thrilling show? Restrict the use of your bed only for sleeping. Keep everything else for another part of your room.

6. Get a blanket

A blanket can work wonders on your sleep quality. Research has shown that the weight of the blanket acts like a hug on your body and helps your system to get more comfortable. Sleepwell blankets can have a similar impact. If you and your partner have different blanket thickness needs, consider using separate ones where no one steals the cover from the other during the night.

7. Maintain a sleep routine

Lying down on a Sleepwell mattress can feel mighty comfortable and you may want to hit the bed at different times of the day but to get a proper night’s sleep, stick to a routine. Set your alarm to get up at a specific time (even on weekends, sorry) and go to bed during a particular span. Avoid the temptation to lie down for a bit during the day or get a quick nap. Erratic sleeping habits again confuse the brain as it does not understand when exactly to secrete the sleep hormones.

8. Try aromatherapy

The Sleepwell Neem Fresche technology will preserve the clean bed-like fragrance around your mattress. Germs and fungi cause a foul smell and Neem Fresche effectively prohibits their growth. To add to this, you can light a few aroma candles in your bedroom or keep a bottle of essential oil handy. Calming fragrance sends a signal to the mind that everything around is safe and you will not be vulnerable while you sleep.

9. Reduce liquid intake close to bedtime

If you have to get up multiple times to use the loo in the middle of the night, you are definitely not getting adequate sleep. Even with all the hygiene factors maintained and the alarm clock set, the need to urinate during sleep hampers rest. Try to drink your required amount of fluids during the day and gradually decrease the amount as night approaches. This will help your bladder control and give you proper sleep.

10. Don’t stress too much about sleep

Go back to how we started – you cannot try to fall asleep. Hence, it is pointless stressing about it. Instead, try clearing your mind before bedtime by writing your thoughts down. Then, follow the sleep routine and let sleep naturally come to you. The harder you try to sleep, the more elusive it becomes. Even if you do not get enough sleep for a couple of nights, the body will make up for it during the nights to come.

A happy and healthy sleeping to you! Embrace the environment-friendly EPA-approved Sleepwell Neem Fresche technology and gift yourself a good night’s rest with the right mattress, perfect comfort, and unparalleled hygiene. No more going to bed with unwanted germs. #SwitchToSleepwell today and sleep well.

Posted By: Dr. Asmita Goel

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