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Myths About Spring Mattresses

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Spring mattresses are nowadays the most popular & luxurious sleeping surfaces available in the market. But as the options for the buyer increased, there was also a surge in various consumer myths about spring mattresses.

Let us clarify some of the most common ones:

Spring mattresses are bad for back: Myth 1

Spring mattresses in general are flexible in nature this means that they have an ability to adjust according to the body contour. Along with this, springs also have a property to distribute the body weight evenly on the whole mattress & offers extra support in whichever area it is required.

Generally it is seen that people with back problems prefer firm mattresses.Nowadays with advancement of spring technology there are firm springs also, that offer good support. If they are chosen according to the age and weight distribution, it is seen that they ensure the spinal health, prevent back pain and enhance your sleeping experience.

Spring mattresses are too soft: Myth 2

With the technological advancement in innerspring systems & also with the use of advanced technology in manufacturing high quality comfort layers like memory foam etc. Our spring mattresses can now offer the perfect balance of both comfort and support that is required for a high quality sleep.

Keeping the individual preference of the customers in mind, Sleepwell has launched 'My mattress range', in which My mattress Esteem is a spring mattress which offers all three feels i.e. firmtec, supportec, softec and all are at the same price.

Spring mattresses are too expensive: Myth 3

Spring mattresses are latest technology products made with ultra premium comfort layers and state-of-the-art innerspring systems, to offer a blend of superior comfort & support . Sleepwell's My Mattress Esteem empowers the customer to choose a mattress according to his own preferred surface with all three feels at the same price.

Spring mattresses are not durable: Myth 4

Spring mattresses are engineered by adding high quality comfort layers over the innerspring systems that act as support layers. Thus offering the perfect balance of comfort & support.

It is generally seen that if you use your mattress according to the recommended usage then, your spring mattress lasts longer & makes you sleep better.

Spring mattresses are not for elderly: Myth 5

It is generally seen that if soft mattresses are used by elderly; it is difficult for them to change position during sleep which requires more effort , thus causing disturbed sleep. So, a firm mattress is usually advised in old age.

Note: The mattress should be suited according to the age and body weight so that changing posture is easy, offers stability and gives relaxation. Therefore a firm spring mattress either My Mattress Esteem supportec or My Mattress Esteem firmtec can be chosen.

Spring mattresses have higher maintenance: Myth 6

Modern Zero turn mattresses are designed for maximum convenience and do not require frequent rotation or flipping.

Spring mattresses sag too early: Myth 7

Latest technological advancements in innerspring systems offer higher durability and performance in spring mattresses.

Spring mattresses are not for over weight people: Myth 8

The best mattress is one that supports your spine in its proper natural alignment. It should be comfortable, provide enough space for easy and free movement. It should be according to your body weight , dimension , age and lying down surface preference to ensure a quality sleep. Hence Sleepwell My Mattress Esteem is designed keeping all the above parameters in mind.

Posted By: Dr. Himanshu Arora

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