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How Do You Know That Its The Time To Change Your Mattress?

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How do you know that its the time to change your mattress?

Mattress is the most important furniture of your home. It is imperative for the quality of sleep we get, as we spend nearly 1/3rd of our life sleeping on it.
Have you ever thought on what are you sleeping? You know the rest 2/3rd of our life depends on how well we sleep every night.

Why mattresses are not changed often?

In the current scenario mattress is the most ignored home furniture. We are so excited when we have to buy a gadget like a mobile phone or a LED for home , we research it online, get to know its specifications and even ask our family and friends. But when it comes to purchasing a mattress we just take it for granted and take what is just available or what just fits in our minimum budget.

·         We’re willing to spend good amount of money on a bed, but very few people like to spend on good mattresses.

·         Unfortunately, this essential item is passed down from generation to generation, which is the worst thing we can do.

·         Many people think that their old mattress are still very comfortable for them

·         There is lack of awareness among the people regarding the benefits of a good mattress and how it can enhance the quality of their sleep.

How do you know, its a time for a new mattress?

·         If your old mattress is no longer comfortable and supportive to you

·         If your lifestyle has changed over the years

·         Your weight has changed

·         If you wake up feeling unrefreshed & aching.

·         If your current pair of mattresses are sagged & feels lumpy.

·         If you have inherited an old family mattress

·         If you feel embarrassed to let any one see your mattress without a bedsheet.

·         Mattresses that have expired their usage period are generally less comfortable due to wear & tear, moisture from sweat, dead skin , dust mites etc.

Your key to quality sleep on your mattress is the comfort & support that you feel on it. If any one is missing , then its a time for a new mattress.

Now that you know, when is the time to change your mattress, lets discuss about what is a right mattress and how to choose one ?

An ideal mattress is one that is comfortable and supports the natural alignment of your spine. It should be suitable to your height, body weight and dimensions.

When you are buying your mattress, lie down on it instead of just patting it with your hands. Try to judge how your body feels on the surface.

As everybody has their individual mattress preference. Choose a mattress that is just right for you. Specially ask for your preferred Firm, Support or Soft surface feel from our new My Mattress Range.

All mattress surface feels in a series are at the same price and in your budget.

Posted By: Dr. Himanshu Arora

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