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Say No to Germs in Your Bed in 2021 with the Neem Fresche Technology


Your bedroom looks clean, right? You vacuumed the mattress just yesterday and changed the sheets today. You are definitely set for at least a couple of days where germs are well out of your sleeping space. However, could you reach the inner layers of your mattress and clean the core? Can you keep the windows closed all day long and ensure that no dust particles come in and settle on your cushion? Even more, can you prevent your own skin from shedding dead skin cells on the bed that is comfort food for all kinds of pathogens and biological organisms? The straight answer is no. Simple dusting and changing sheets cannot keep away ailments like rhinitis, asthma or contact dermatitis.

Hence, Sleepwell Mattresses come with the cutting-edge Neem Fresche technology that is specifically designed to prevent the growth of germs deep inside the mattress’s cushions and keep away outside pathogens by maintaining an invisible shield. We also use a breathable material that restricts humidity build-up and keeps the mattresses well ventilated. Eliminating the stubborn germs and allergens that secretly live in your bed on your own can be a difficult task but the Neem Fresche technology provides an ultimate defense against these microscopic disease-causing agents and helps to keep your mattress germ-free.

What you cannot see on your mattress?

In a 24-hour day, we spend an average of 8 hours in direct contact with our mattresses while sleeping. During this time, we all shed human dander or dead skill cells that paved way for new, healthy skin cells. These penetrate the pores of the mattress and tend to settle on the inner layers of the material which are inaccessible to our regular methods of cleaning. Being organic in nature, they are food to various organisms and germs and given the right condition of light and humidity, these microscopic beings start to thrive.

Additionally, throughout 2020, we have all spent more than 8 hours on our beds. Due to the COVID-19 related lockdowns, we were forced to stay indoors, work from home and bring our entire outside life indoors. This means we ate on our beds while watching TV. We also brought our work to our beds. We often played with our children on the bed and even allowed our pets to spend more time on the bed. All these, behind our notice, added more dead skin cells, pet fur, food stains and body moisture to our mattresses and every ingredient is a recipe for the growth of disease-causing germs.

If you invest in a high-quality microscope, take a swab of the deposits of the different layers of your mattress and view it under the lens, you will typically find the following 2 organisms blooming that cause both skin problems and breathing disorders.

1. Dust mites

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the CDC lists dust mites as one of the leading causes of asthma. Today, we know that there are 13 different species of dust mites and their major food is human dander. CDC says that an average used mattress can contain over 10 million mites and a conventional vacuum cleaner cannot remove them from your bed.

This is where Sleepwell’s Neem Fresche technology is effective. The medicinal and anti-microbial property of Neem Fresche prevents dust mites to settle down on your mattress and grow in number as the ambiance is no longer supporting. Neem Fresche repels dust mites and thus, acts as a barrier to those floating around in the air as well.

2. Moulds

Moulds grow in colonies on your bed, spread spores to reproduce and spread quickly forming more spore-forming colonies. The worst part, moulds require similar conditions and food as dust mites to grow inside your bed – human dander, humid atmosphere and hot conditions.

Neem Fresche , again, prohibits the growth of moulds. Along with that, the bio-active agent that Sleepwell uses efficiently eliminates moulds and builds a shield that prevents new outgrowth.

Beyond this, the CDC also does not rule out the existence of dormant bacteria or viruses on mattresses which can easily find their way into our bodies during direct contact. Take the influenza virus as an example. It is airborne, can survive in droplets we cough or sneeze out that may settle on the bed and later enter a healthy person through hand to mouth transfer, eye and nose lubricants and so on. Neem Fresche technology acts as a guard here as well.

Sleepwell Mattresses with Neem Fresche Technology to the rescue

Sleeping regularly on germ-infested beds can trigger severe asthmatic reactions or breathing problems due to the presence of dust mites. Allergic rhinitis is another common disease that can happen by coming in contact with germ-infested beds. Contact dermatitis that leads to blistering and skin cracking, is also often caused by contact with moulds and dust mites.

The good news is that asthma, rhinitis and contact dermatitis are all preventable and the secret lies in attacking the source. Prohibit the growth of dust mites and moulds inside your mattresses and you can protect yourself against these ailments. Sleepwell’s Neem Fresche technology does exactly that - if you cannot reach the depths of your mattresses, allow the mattresses to the job for you.

We have worked together with BioScience, Australia, to come up with the technology that combines the medicinal and germ-repellant power of Neem and an environment-friendly bio-active agent called Fresche. Together, they carry out the task of preventing the growth of germs, moulds and dust mites even when food (human dander) is available aplenty. The technology is certified by the US Environment Protection Agency, remains effective even after multiple washes and keeps your bed germ-free all year round.

So, the next time you are having an allergic reaction or suffering from the common cold, try not to blame it entirely on the season or weather. More often than not, your mattress is responsible for your frequent sickness. Come 2021, bid farewell to your infested old mattress and bring home Sleepwell’s health and hygiene inspired, Neem Fresche technology-infused, comfortable and luxurious mattress that says no to germs. When we are spending more time on our beds, we cannot compromise with the mattress’s hygiene. Dust regularly and let Sleepwell Neem Fresche mattress take care of the rest.

Posted By: Dr. Himanshu Arora

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