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Care For Your Mattress & It Will Care For You

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We nearly spend 1/3rd of life on our bed sleeping. So, choosing a perfect mattress for ourself is an important investment in health, that requires judicious decision making.

But once you have your perfect mattress, the challenge is also to maintain it.

Your new pair of mattresses can enhance your sleeping experience, but if you fail to take good care of them, they can even change your sleep into a nightmare.After all we want our mattresses to last longer & remain comfortable.

Follow the following Mattress Care Tips:


·         Ensure that your mattress is properly installed on a good foundation that compliments to the offered support & stability of your sleeping surface.This means do not lay the mattress on uneven cot surface & do not keep any items below your mattress.

·         Do ensure that the length & breadth of the cot matches with the mattress to fit properly.

·         Keep your mattresses clean & hygienic: We spend around 6-8 quality hours in a very close proximity to our mattress. We should prevent food spills, infant urine, dust mites, bed bugs etc that can cause allergies.

Periodically expose your mattress to sunlight which is a natural disinfectant.

Vacuuming on both sides periodically is also a good way to keep your mattress clean.

To remove spills and spots, clean with a damp cloth, do not use a detergent. Use your mattress when it is dry.

One great way to protect your mattress it is to use a good quality mattress protector that not only adds to the feeling of comfort but also acts as a barrier for dust, dirt, spills etc. Also, while you cannot wash a mattress but you can wash your mattress protector.

·         Periodically rotate & flip your mattress to ensure even use so that it retains its shape longer.


·         Treat your mattress like privileged relationship:Use your mattress with respect & avoid jumping on it as it may damage the internal layers.

Always read the instruction manual of your mattress & follow the directions given as per the model.You can also visit your nearest Sleepwell Showroom for further details.

Mattress is the most important element in getting quality sleep, recognise its value & care for it. Happy Sleeping...!

Posted By: Dr. Himanshu Arora

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