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5 Misconceptions about sleep smashed

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In this highly paced society, we go to sleep because of two reasons; either our work is done or we feel tired. No time is fixed for sleeping or waking up. Sleep is considered as an overbearing obligation.
However, in the early societies, the sleeping routine was rising with the sun and going to sleep after the sunset. Then came an era of the electric bulb in 19th century, which was changed our perception of night. People started staying up late and their sleeping time got shorter.
Today, we have 24 X 7 connectivity, people have more reasons to stay awake and more excuses to sleep less.
Lets discuss top 5 misconceptions about sleep:
Misconception 1: People often say that 7-8 hours of sleep is really unrealistic
Truth: Sleeping for 7-8 hours does seem unrealistic. However, research has clearly shown that to be happy, productive and creative you need 7-8 hours of quality sleep.
Misconception 2: Getting the benefit of a 7 hour sleep in just 5 hour is possible
Truth: 7 hours of sleep is a programme which body needs to function. For example 9 months of pregnancy cannot be shortened to 6 hours, as each month has its own function and purpose. Only 5 % people feel OK with only 5 hours of sleep.
Misconception 3: Sleep a waste of time
Truth: It is during sleep that our new memories are formed and there is also removal of unnecessary things from the mind. It makes our brain sharper, focused and also improves our attention. If you can’t get your sleep, your work will be affected.
Misconception 4: Work more sleep less, because we will get enough time to sleep when we are dead
Truth: We certainly cannot compare sleep with death. Sleep is a active process when you are arousable. Whereas death is a passive state with no comparison with sleep.
Misconception 5: Lying down in bed is equivalent to sleeping
Truth: Lying down in bed is the total time in bed whereas time you spend in sleep is called sleep time. These two are not equal. For example if on bed at 10 pm, fall asleep by 10:20 pm and get out of bed at 6 am. So your sleep time will be 7 hours 40 minutes & bedtime will be 8 hours.
In other case if you lie down in bed by 10 pm, fall asleep at 1 am & wake up by 6 but get out of bed by 7 am. In this case your sleep time is 5 hours and your bedtime is 9 hours.
It is seen that the above misconceptions disrupt our sleep, so it is better to avoid these in life.
Wish you a good night sleep. Sleepwell

Posted By: Dr. Himanshu Arora

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